See how Workforce Solutions cut ad hoc data pulling by 85% using data visualization on their website.

With Jessica Garay, Director of Career Awareness


Workforce Development

Use Cases

- Website data visualization/reporting
- Talent recruiting
- Business expansion
- Data RFIs
- Grant writing and metrics tracking

Data Sources

- Lightcast
- Census
- Zillow

Link to Dashboard Site

Workforce Solutions LMI Dashboard

Workforce Solutions Capital Area uses its eIMPACT dashboard provide businesses and job seekers compiled, visual labor market information via its website, cutting ad hoc data pulling by 85%. The dashboard allows them to tell stories to feature the workforce, key industries and more, all in a higly visual format.

Before eIMPACT I would pull labor market data ad hoc based on requests for my board of directors, industry leaders, even educators in our region. It was very ad hoc. I would say before eIMPACT it was about two hour process, and now it's about a 15 minutes process.

Jessica Garay, Director of Career Awareness

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