See how City of El Paso went from ad hoc to centralized economic data using eIMPACT.

With Elizabeth Triggs, Director of Economic Development


Economic Development

Use Cases

- Website data visualization/reporting
- Attracting Investment
- Cutting Out Ad Hoc Data Pulling
- Keeping Website Data Current
- Measuring and Tracking Progress

Data Sources

- Lightcast
- Census
- Zillow

Link to Dashboard Site

City of El Paso Economic Snapshot

The City of El Paso, TX uses its eIMPACT dashboard to eliminate ad hoc economic data collection and updating, while at the same time being able to visualize the data and tell a story to businesses and investors.

The time eIMPACT saves us is incredible, but even more important is the exposure it gives us to the outside world, which is so, so valuable.

Elizabeth Triggs, Director of Economic Development

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