See how the Arizona Tech Council gets more press with data storytelling using eIMPACT.

With Steven Zylstra, CEO



Use Cases

- Website data visualization/reporting
- Engaging Media
- Marketing
- Keeping Industry Data Current
- Measuring and Tracking Progress

Data Sources

- Lightcast

Link to Dashboard

Arizona Technology Industry Data Dashboard

The Arizona Technology Council uses its eIMPACT dashboard to engage a wide-ranging audience, from the media to the public to state legislators. What previously existed as a static economic impact report updated only every few years, is now a live dashboard featuring data updated every quarter, with evolving content and storytellling.

People really appreciate the stories we relate to the data because it sort of brings the numbers to life. We get feedback from the community and the media about how important it is that we account for what's going on in our ecosystem here in Arizona.

Steven Zylstra, CEO

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