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Economic Development

How Greater Fargo Moorhead eliminated manual data reporting on their website

Data is so important and even more so now. It's definitely such a priority to have accurate data available for whoever is coming to your website to take a look at it.

Sammi Rowe, VP Research

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Workforce Development

How Workforce Solutions cut ad hoc data pulling by 85%

It's been an easy access tool for any customer, from a job seeker to an industry leader, a recruiter, or even an executive director for a company to understand the local economy.

Jessica Garay, Director of Career Awareness

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Economic Development

How the City of Escondido, CA saved 100s of hours in data pulling and updating.

I started my career as a data analyst. I used lots of spreadsheets and SQL databases and there's just a lot that goes into making sure you have the right data. eIMPACT makes all of this really easy.

Jennifer Schoeneck, Deputy Director of Economic Development

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Career Transition / Workforce Development

How CareerSource North Central Florida expanded its virtual services using myCareerPathwayâ„¢.

As a result of implementing myCareerPathway, I have been able to take a full time position and transition that back into a program position to actually provide additional case management.

Phyllis Marty, CEO

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Economic Development

How the City of College Park, MD intrigues businesses with talent market data

We're able to show that kind of stuff to the business owners and prospects, they seem to be very intrigued, and it's a quick study. It's all right there for them.

Michael Williams, Economic Development Manager

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