October 4, 2023, by Richard Pfister

New Dashboard Launch: Buffalo Niagara Partnership, Healthcare Dashboard

The State of Healthcare and Human Services

Representing nearly 14% of the region's total employment, the healthcare industry in Buffalo, NY is a vital driver of economic activity. The industry is a dynamic one, with many recent trends affecting the availability of workforce, making resource allocation challenging for local employers.

In order to serve employers, trainers, educators and key stakeholders, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership launched the Healthcare Industry Dashboard. Now, the regional chamber of commerce is the go-to hub for healthcare industry data a catalyst for ongoing success, for the sector and patient outcomes alike.

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, having access to accurate and timely information is crucial for making informed decisions.

Among the numerous datasets in the dashboard, all customized for BNP's specific needs, viewers can see:

  • - Distribution of Healthcare Employers in the Region
  • - Business County by Subindustry
  • - Healthcare Occupations, Wages & Diversity
  • - Job Postings Trends
  • - Job Postings by Experience and Education Level
  • - Economic Impact
  • - Talent Pipeline
  • - Occupation Wage Ranges

You can check it all out on the dashboard below, or visit the Buffalo Niagara Partnership data site:
View the dashboard

Buffalo Niagara Healthcare Industry Dashboard

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