June 15, 2023, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch - Southeastern CT Enterprise Region

Business & Industry + Community Dashboards

The Southeastern Connecticut Enterprise Region, a/k/a seCTer, now has a data visualization dashboard for each of its key audiences: businesses and the community. Each dashboard contains a thoughtfully selected range of data measures that speak to the key needs and points of curiosity of its respective audience.

Something we hear a lot from organizations we speak with is the struggle to address "the last mile" of data reporting. How do you efficiently produce a professional presentation of data, made accessible online, that stays up-to-date? We feel like the new seCter dashboards traverse this last mile problem with ease – and maybe even a little swagger! (Can data have swagger? 🤷).

First, the Business & Industry Dashboard. The data list here covers all the bases of what prospective and current businesses need:

  • - Population Trend and Forecast
  • - Race and Educational Attainment of the Population
  • - Jobs by Occupation Concentration & Earnings
  • - Labor Participation vs. Unemployment
  • - Talent Pipeline
  • - Educational Attainment
  • - Industry Characteristics
  • - Workforce Characteristics
  • - Annual Wages by Occupation (25th to 75th percentile)
  • - Commuting Patterns
  • - Job Postings Trends
  • - Job Postings by Industry

Second, the Commmunity Dashboard. Data to inform stakeholders and serve as a resource for talent attraction:

  • - Population Growth by Age Cohort
  • - Diversity and Change Over Time
  • - Remote Workforce
  • - Mobility of the Population
  • - Public Schools
  • - College Entrance
  • - Housing Market
  • - Cost of Living
  • - Crime

We're grateful to the seCTer team for putting its confidence in eIMPACT to deliver these data dashboards! And delivery is really just the beginning. eIMPACT's team of data elves 🧝 maintains client dashboards with a monthly, quarterly and annual cadence, depending on source. Contact us if you'd like to hear more about all that.

Southeastern CT Data Dashbaord

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