June 12, 2023, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch: Downtown Indy

The economic health of the urban core

Due to the shift to remote work and other pandemic-related disruptions, many if not most U.S. urban centers are struggling to rebound to pre-2020 levels of activity. With an economy dominated by health care and professional/scientific services, Downtown Indianapolis is resilient – a bit of an outlier to the trend.

Though the volume of workers hasn't yet returned to pre-pandemic levels, the climb up-and-to-the-right is apparent:

Downtown Indy, Inc. exists to advocate for a great urban core, a mandate that spans many facets, from policy to economic development. A self-described "intentionally hyper-local" non-profit, their focus is laser-like. And so is their data. Downtown Indy recently engaged eIMPACT to add data visualization to their quiver, giving them the ability to leverage large amounts of data they've long utilized, now with interactivity and automation as a public-facing tool.

Among the datasets featured are foot traffic analytics from Placer.ai and labor market information from Lightcast. Within each of these sources, there are multiple views of information for viewers to explore, and a great blend of snapshot stats plus trends and analysis. Peruse all the data here!

Downtown Indy Data Dashboard

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