May 22, 2023, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch: Downtown Eugene

Downtown Housing Data Visualization

Downtown Eugene, Inc. (DEI) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the long-term economic development of the city's downtown core. Part of this work involves public policy and community engagement on issues pertaining to the DEI mission. Recently, the organization launched an initiative to get more housing units approved for development in the downtown core. This housing initiative, in order to be effective, required current, concise data on downtown Eugene's housing density, peer community benchmarks and hyper-local economics.

Engaging with the eIMPACT data visualization team, DEI was up and running with a live data story within three weeks. As key deadlines approached, the eIMPACT team responded with timely edits to the underlying data and visual narrative contained in the dashboard. DEI was able to share the dashboard with constituents and policymakers in a live presentation, as well as followups over email.

Though the dashboard is not public, below is one snippet that clearly shows downtown Eugene's housing needs.

Downtown Eugene's Need for Housing

Since this is not a public dashboard, we'll keep this post brief. We are excited to showcase this novel use of the eIMPACT no-code platform!

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