May 3, 2023, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch: Tech Council of Delaware

Tech workforce in the First State

McKinsey's December 2022 article Every company is a software company is proven correct by recent data published in the Tech Delaware Council of Delaware's new data dashboard, powered by eIMPACT. Our only correction to McKinsey's title would be every organization is a software company – for supporting evidence just look at the Delaware tech labor market data where banks, government and higher ed top the chart for technology employment:

To access the full report, you need to become a Tech Council of Delaware member. Here's a button to do that:
Go to Tech Council of Delaware

The Delaware tech workforce dashboard is rich with not just data, but clear and compelling visuals and well-curated comparisons that the Council staff specified:

  • - Peer State Tech Employment Comparison
  • - Peer Metro Tech Employment Comparison
  • - Top Job Growth Forecast by Occupation
  • - Top Tech Skills by Worker Social Profile
  • - Age Distribution of Tech Occupations
  • - Gender Mix of Tech Occupations
  • - Race Distribution of Tech Workforce by Occupation
  • - Broadband Connectivity by Internet Type
  • - Home Values Trend / Comparison
  • - Top Companies Hiring

In case you haven't clicked the button above yet to become a Tech Council of Delaware Member and gain access to the full dashboard, here's another snippet, a visual we really love for its at-a-glance simplicity:

Tech Occupation Gender Breakdown

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