April 5, 2023, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch: Union Square Alliance

San Francisco's Economic Engine

The pandemic has been hard on a lot of U.S. downtowns. Driven by pedestrian and visitor traffic, downtown cores saw some of the most dramatic downturns when compared to outlying neighborhoods. But where some see setbacks the Union Square Alliance has its eye on opportunity. The opportunity to recreate Union Square into "a robust and diverse mix of uses, programs, services, and activities, to foster an economically vibrant and sustainable district."

In the case of Union Square, data needed to track economic progress needs to be hyper-granular and near-real-time. Their new eIMPACT dashboard contains data on people movement from Springboard and Placer.ai, office vacancy data from Kastle, economics by Lightcast, among other sources.

View the dashboard on Union Square Alliance site

Specific data include:

  • - Pedestrian Traffic Counts
  • - Public Transit
  • - Lodging Occupancy
  • - Parking Occupancy
  • - Sales Tax
  • - Office Occupancy
  • - Air Traffic

Check out the dashboard below to see it all! Psst – this is implemented on eIMPACT v3, our latest version of the platform and chock full of new features!

Union Square San Francisco Dashboard

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