January 18, 2023, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch - El Paso

Economic Snapshot Dashboard

With 867k residents El Paso, TX is the second largest city in the Southwest behind Phoenix. Together with Las Cruces in neighboring New Mexico, the metropolitan area reaches 1.1 million. If you then add Ciudad Juárez you get to 2.7 million. Needless to say, El Paso is an important economic hub in the United States (the city alone ranks 23rd in overall population size), and part of a bustling international economic area.

The city is also growing, adding 33k residents over the past five years and projected to add 7% job growth over the next five years. It is cranking out 4k health related degrees each year from local higher ed institutions and 1.4k business degrees. Oh, and there are 300+ sunny days per year in El Paso, compared to around 200 in the U.S. overall.

The City of El Paso challenged our team here at eIMPACT to help distill a visual data narrative of the city, and the process of getting there has been a close collaboration. We are proud to publish this latest data visualization site in partnership with the great team at the City!

Among the data utilized in the dashboard are:

  • - Industry Characteristics
  • - Workforce Characteristics
  • - Commuting Patterns
  • - Job Postings Trends
  • - Job Postings by Industry
  • - Housing Market
  • - Population Trend and Forecast
  • - Race and Educational Attainment of the Population
  • - Jobs by Occupation Concentration & Earnings
  • - Educational Attainment by Race
  • - Higher Ed Degrees Trend
  • - Net In-Migration

  • El Paso Economic Snapshot

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