December 23, 2022, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch - Cupertino Chamber

The story of a city in the valley of a giant

Many or most of us know the name Cupertino because of a certain computer maker that calls it home, a company that will go unnamed in this blog post. But what about the rest of the economy and community that calls Cupertino home as well? This is the focus of the newly released Cupertino Chamber Economic Dashboard.

Cupertino is a town where 80 percent of the population has a bachelor's degree or greater. Yes, that's 80%, practically the inverse of the rest of the nation in terms of proportion of educated population. It is rich with skilled workers, diverse local businesses and many other classic California qualities (including soaring real estate prices).

When regional numbers do not suffice, as is the case in Cupertino where nearby San Jose casts a large shadow, a more localized approach is needed to tell the economic story.

Among the data utilized in the Cupertino Chamber dashboard are:

  • - Population Trend and Forecast
  • - Race and Educational Attainment of the Population
  • - Jobs by Occupation Concentration & Earnings
  • - Educational Attainment
  • - Industry Characteristics
  • - Workforce Characteristics
  • - Commuting Patterns
  • - Job Postings Trends
  • - Job Postings by Industry
  • - Housing Market Comparison

Cupertino Chamber Economic Dashboard

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