December 7, 2022, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch - TechBuffalo

Buffalo-Niagara Tech Workforce Dashboard

Straight from the source:

Buffalo-Niagara’s emerging tech sector has created hundreds of new career opportunities in our community, contributing to the region’s transformation into a hub of tech and innovation. As our tech sector continues growing, TechBuffalo wants to share relevant and up-to-date data with technology trainers, educators, employers, and other key stakeholders. Where possible, we seek to facilitate the sharing of information that enables more informed decision-making, tracks tech workforce trends, and uses data to connect the dots on opportunities to collaborate.

As the nation's tech workforce shuffles about the country, regions like Buffalo-Niagara stand to gain a lot in terms of high-paying jobs, high-growth startups, and resulting economic impact. To really capitalize on this moment, it is essential to tell your region's story, and that is exactly what TechBuffalo is accomplishing with its newly launched tech workforce dashboard.

As a progressive organization, TechBuffalo is after diversifying the opportunities tech careers present, making it accessible to a broad range of folks from backgrounds of all kinds. The data in the dashboard is a reflection of this mission, helping all of their partners and stakeholders see transparent, current trends in the market.

We look forward to watching Buffalo's tech community grow! 🎆 🎆 🎆

TechBuffalo’s Buffalo-Niagara Tech Workforce Dashboard

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