October 26, 2022, by Erik Larson

(Re)featuring - Tech Association of Oregon

The next generation of TAO's tech industry dashboard

eIMPACT owes a debt of gratitude and then some to Skip Newberry, CEO of the Technology Association of Oregon, and of course, to TAO itself. It was early in eIMPACT's life as a company – January of 2017, to be exact – when Skip and his team put their confidence in our fledgling company to help them tell the Oregon technology sector story using data. To continue the metaphor, you've helped us get our feathers, Skip! (Can't fly without feathers)

Tech companies and their employees have played a major, if not central role in driving Oregon's economy over the past decade (and before that, too). Just consider this stat: since 2011, Oregon technology has grown its GRP by 53%. (!) For an organization that is dedicated to empowering an innovation economy, it seems the data are backing that up, in spades.

Speaking of data, there's a bunch of new, actionable information in TAO's latest version of its eIMPACT dashboard. How about commuting patterns of tech workers in the Portland Metro? Yes, we have that. Cost of living adjusted tech wage comparison? Also. Portland vs. Seattle home value trends? ✅

Having tagged alongside Skip on some of his advocacy campaigns, I learned firsthand why having data in your backpocket is necessary. For example, he once pulled out the dashboard on an iPad while pitching Senator Ron Wyden. Senator Wyden seemed impressed, and even took the iPad himself and briefly perused it. (See photo evidence) More routinely, however, the dashboard lives on TAO's website, telling their story when they aren't there to do it personally.

Here's to more progress 🍻. The new version of the dashboard 👇

Oregon Tech Industry Dashboard

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