October 20, 2022, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch - Camp Verde, AZ

Growth and potential, in a visual data narrative

Between its natural beauty, great quality of life and 34% lower housing prices than nearby Flagstaff, Camp Verde, AZ has an awesome story to tell to prospective businesses and residents alike. With its new Economic Profile Dashboard, the Town of Camp Verde is bringing this story to life for visitors to its website.

The economic development staff at the Town of Camp Verde are no strangers to data; in fact, they've used different data tools over the years to responde to RFIs and develop internal plans. For them, the missing link was publishing the most essential information and making sure it stays current over time.

With an agile, iterative process that takes the heavy lifting off our clients' hands, eIMPACT was able to get Camp Verde's new dashboard online, fast. In under a week, the eIMPACT data team created the first draft of the dashboard. After receiving client feedback on that draft, the final version was completed in a matter of days. As time goes on, the data will be maintained on a monthly and quarterly basis, aligning to the specific sources used and frequency of updates.

Among the data utilized are:

  • - Population Trend and Forecast
  • - Race and Educational Attainment of the Population
  • - Jobs by Occupation Concentration & Earnings
  • - Labor Participation vs. Unemployment
  • - Talent Pipeline
  • - Educational Attainment
  • - Industry Characteristics
  • - Workforce Characteristics
  • - Annual Wages by Occupation (25th to 75th percentile)
  • - Commuting Patterns
  • - Job Postings Trends
  • - Job Postings by Industry
  • - Housing Market Comparison

Camp Verde, AZ Economic Profile

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