August 16, 2022, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch - Maricopa, AZ

Telling a growth story with data

Located just 35 minutes from Phoenix Int'l airport, Maricopa, AZ has posted handsome gains in employment and population, all while boasting a Cost of Living Index of 98.1. We rarely see this trifecta of results and we build economic data dashboards for a living :)

Thanks to our great collaboration with Maricopa's economic development lead, Nathan Steele, we've also not quite seen a data story about a city come out quite so impressive as the City's new economic and LMI data dashboard 🙌.

The dashboard flows almost like a conversation with a site selector, arranged carefully to grab the attention of the viewer at the start, then expanding in content and breadth of data as if answering questions before they are even asked.

Here's a quick run-down of what's inside:

  • - Population and Jobs Trend + Forecast
  • - Age Group Population Growth
  • - Diversity
  • - Educational Attainment and Talent Pipeline
  • - Industry Gap Analysis
  • - Wages by Occupation (percentile ranges)
  • - Commuting Patterns by Zip Code
  • - Home Values
  • - Job Postings Trends
  • - [Much more that you gotta see for yourself]

Scroll the dashboard in its entirety below! If you like what you see, drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you!

Maricopa, AZ Economic Overview Dashboard

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