July 26, 2022, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch - DowntownSF Reopening Dashboard

The comeback story of the City by the Bay, told through data

San Francisco is no stranger to recovery, from the fire of 1851, to the 1989 earthquake that some of us remember today. With the pandemic, however, the city's path to recovery is a much different one. Unlike a moment-in-time natural disaster such as a fire, the pandemic has been a slow burn, with implications on the labor market, community and businesses still taking form.

As a leader in the community, DowntownSF Partnership took action to shed light on an otherwise unquantified situation: what are the impacts to the workforce and real estate in Downtown San Francisco? They also commissioned a public action plan to revitalize the area. In the Partnership's own words "for Downtown to recover, it must transform into a neighborhood versus a district."

The dashboard includes two content sections:

  1. Foot traffic
  2. Economic Prosperity

The Foot Traffic dashboard reports information from Placer.ai to show the movement of employee visits to the city's Financial District and Historic Jackson Square, a 43-block area. The Economic Prosperity dashboard uses data from Lightcast, the market leader in labor market information. eIMPACT stepped in to provide the "last mile" – a way to make the data visual and accessible by the public, and to maintain all data feeds over time.

Specific data sections include:

  1. Traffic:
    • - Employee Visits Trend
    • - Pre- vs. Post-pandemic Metrics (e.g., Avg Dwell Time)
    • - Daily Visitor Volume Comparison
    • - Hourly Visitor Volume Comparison
    • - Length of Stay Comparison
    • - BART Ridership
  2. Economics:
    • - Industry Employment Characteristics
    • - Industry Concentration
    • - Jobs Trend and Forecast
    • - Occupational Employment Characteristics
    • - Wages by Occupation
    • - Unemployment and Labor Participation

This is one dashboard that is far easier to take in visually than describe in mere words. Check it out below! Or visit the DowntownSF Reopening Dashboard on the Partnership's website.

DowntownSF Reopening Dashboard

Use the dropdown menu in upper left to navigate between dashboards.

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