May 31, 2022, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch - STEM Jobs In Oregon's Heart of Agribusiness

Tech careers in a rural, non-tech industry

With a focus on growing traded sector businesses in the Mid-Wilamette Valley, SEDCOR identifies and targets key industries that have the potential for job growth, higher wages and attracting investment. That may not sound like to a lead-in to Agribusiness, but in 2022, this traditional sector is being disrupted by technology – in a good way. And with the new technology comes new demand for tech talent in the region, something SEDCOR's new dashboard delineates in detail.

In this dashboard, we are looking at how STEM employment connects with the agriculture and food processing industries that currently thrive in our region to understand how these key industries can expand through technology.

From Data Analysts, to Software Engineers, to Quality Control Technicians, the range of current STEM jobs showing up in active job postings in the region demonstrates an evolving agribusiness industry, one relying on technology experts across disciplines. This is borne out in the skills data as well, with Agile Methodology, Python and Machine Learning among the hard skills sought by employers.

eIMPACT's team developed the dashboard in close collaboration with the SEDCOR team, employing an iterative process that includes feedback from the client. In just a couple weeks from start the dashboard was ready for presentation.

We've embeded the entire dashboard below!

SEDCOR Ag, Food Processing And Technology Dashboard

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