May 10, 2022, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch - East Central Illinois WorkNet

Workforce Demographics and Target Sectors

Our latest labor market data reporting site to launch, a multiparter for East Central Illinois WorkNet, provides a wealth of data to stakeholders in the five-county region. Containing seven individual dashboards, the data site includes a workforce demographics summary along with six target sector detail pages.
The data aligns to WorkNet's mission of supporting job seekers and employers with job training and career pathways. This wide-ranging audience, from individual residents to high technology firms, now has access to tailored, current data on the region and even down to individual areas.

Among the data reported are:

  • -Region and county comparisons
  • -Detailed population age cohort breakdowns
  • -Households and income
  • -Earnings and cost of living
  • -Education attainment
  • -Target sectors: Ag Tech, Business Services, Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics
  • -Occupation racial diversity
  • -Top occupations by target sector
  • -Top employers by sector
    We've embeded the entire dashboard below, with dropdown menu in upper left to enable navigation between sections.

East Central Illinois WorkNet Dashboard

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