March 14, 2022, by Erik Larson

New Client Launch - Greater Folsom Partnership Economic Indicators

A data "calling card" for one of the up-and-coming California hotspots

You can drive from the center of Sacramento to downtown Folsom in under a half hour, and from there to trailheads on the North or South Fork of the American River in just 15 minutes. Access and quality of life? Check.

But how about labor force, housing market and educational attainment? For the full story on Folsom and its surrounding economic area, the Greater Folsom Partnership just launched its new data storytelling dashboard. Think of it as a data "calling card" to intrigue businesses and site selectors, inform residents and measure economic and community results for policymakers.

There are a lot of diverse data inputs the dashboard pulls from, all customized based on Folsom's specific needs. The data are reported in a combination of city limits and a custom region surrounding it, called the Highway 50 Economic Area. Among these data are:

  1. Population/Job Trend and Forecast
  2. Population Age Cohort Breakdown
  3. Net Migration by Top Counties
  4. Educational Attainment
  5. Housing/Rental Market and Vacancy Rates
  6. Industry Mix (check out the concentrations and fastest growing sectors!)
  7. Target Industries
  8. Workforce
  9. Resident Workers and Commuting Patterns
  10. Job Postings
  11. Mucho más!

Back to the customization of the dashboard and a little about how we do it: eIMPACT develops tailored dashboards for its clients based on a high-touch, fully managed process. It is not a one-size-fits-all product because every community and every region is different. But customization doesn't come at the expense of speed – our delivery process averages just 3 weeks, including an iteration based on client feedback.

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You can check out the dashboard below or see it embedded on the website.

Greater Folsom Partnership Economic Indicators

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