March 4, 2022, by Richard Pfister

New Client Example: Alliance for Workforce Development

Labor Force Overview, Jobs & Industries, and Regional Workforce Skills

Hard to imagine more beautiful country than the 6-county region in Northern Californai that the Alliance for Workforce Development serves. And big! The region spans from just north of Lake Tahoe all the way up the eastern half of the state to the Oregon border. The map in the dashboard below will give you a sense.

So how do you articulate the labor market and industry base for such an expansive and geographically diverse region? Visually. At least that's how the new AWFD Labor Market Information data site does it.

The site is navigable with three tabs, each serving one of three data categories:
1 - Labor Force Overview
2 - Jobs & Industries
3 - Regional Workforce Skills

Skills! As many heard in the SOTU address, skills-based employment, as opposed to traditional credentials, is the apparent way of the future. Having current data on skills in supply versus demand, and reporting it regularly, helps AFWD serve both the employer and job seeker communities they serve.

You can check out the page yourself by clicking the button below.
Go to the AFWD data site

Or stay right here and take in the Labor Market Overview dashboard, using the blue dropdown at left to go to the other data topics:

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