March 1, 2022, by Richard Pfister

Using Data To Recruit Talent in Union Co., IA

Data to help coordinate business, education systems and public partners

A crucial component of a thriving community is the ability to create and maintain a skilled workforce. To do this, we strive to have coordination between our business and education systems and public partners

How many communities regularly report data on the alignment between employer job requirements and the education level of the community? Not very many. In Union County, IA, however, a new data dashboard tells this story and more with the most current data available.

We are living in a time of unprecedented labor shortage coupled with an equally unprecedented level of mobility of the population. This phenomenon is wreaking havoc on some communities, and opening opportunity, for others. With the new Union County labor market dashboard, stakeholders have the information they need to align programs, remove uncertainty and guess work, all while measuring results.

The dashboard goes further to highlight existing top labor markets around the country for health care and production, followed by the appealing quality of life features in the Union County community. It is this kind of data storytelling that lets smaller population areas to "punch about their weight".

You can see the live dashboard on the Union County website, or peruse it right here:

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