February 15, 2022, by Richard Pfister

Data Puts the 'Why' in 'Why Benicia?'

Telling the story with data differentiates the Benicia brand

Benicia, CA sits just north of San Francisco with a population of almost 28k people. While not long ago that population bracket would have kept it off many site selectors' lists, times have changed. And Benicia has changed, too, and without the numbers those markers of excellence might remain the greatest story never old.

So we made a dashboard to tell about it!

Ha, by now would you have expected this storyline to have been anything other? The very smart folks at Chabin Concepts partnered with us on this one, so the vision for content and direction is squarely credited to them (here's how to get in touch with Chabin).

We definetly recommend seeing this dashboard live on the Benicia website; it is a clean, well designed example.

The 'Why' in 'Why Benicia?'

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