December 21, 2021, by Erik Larson

New Client Example - Workforce Solutions Capital Area (Austin, TX!)

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Most people probably saw the news a couple weeks ago that Tesla had pulled up anchor in the Silicon Valley for Austin. Though this move made the biggest wave in recent company relo's, it certainly isn't the only company tapping Austin for its new home. But what about the rest of the labor market in the area? How has the workforce in the Austin region been reordered over these past years of unprecedented change?

For the answers to these questions and more check out Workforce Solutions' new Labor Market Information data site powered by eIMPACT. Jammed into 3 scrolls of your broswer you'll find data viz covering key areas:

  1. Net Commuters by Zip
  2. Occupational Diversity by Race
  3. Unemployment by Occupation + Region/U.S. Comparisons
  4. Unemployment by Race
  5. Jobs Trend and Forecast
  6. Firms and Firm Distribution by FTEs
  7. Job Postings
  8. Did you make it this far down the list? If so, extra presents for you for being an attention reader!

Before leaving you to the dashboard, we here at eIMPACT would like to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season!

The Dashboard!

Use the dropdown menu in upper left to navigate from Labor Market to WDB Performance data

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