November 8, 2021, by Richard Pfister

New Client Example - CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion

Labor Market and Workforce Development Board Performance Dashboards

The labor market is headline news right now. Shortages, turnover, record low participation, Boomers retiring – Amazon out-competing on pay and benefits! I can't make it to the grocery store without hearing something on one of these topics. With a market this dynamic, data is more critical that ever.

For workforce organizations all of these macro trends translate to busy times. Helping stakeholders keep a finger on the pulse is a valuable resource to provide.

CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion had a variety of motivating factors in producing their new labor market and organization performance dashboards, but I think their website headline sums it up best: connecting talent to the businesses that want to hire them. The data dashboards are a piece of this whole, and an enabling component to ongoing improvement.

The reports embedded below include a Labor Market Dashboard and a Board Performance Dashboard, which together give CareerSource CLM the ability to measure and communicate both external and internal trends and performance. We invite you to explore them both!

The Dashboards:

Use the dropdown menu in upper left to navigate from Labor Market to WDB Performance data

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