September 23, 2021, by Erik Larson

Client Spotlight: Greater Green Bay Chamber

Communicating data to foster economic growth

It's been a year since we deployed the Greater Green Bay Chamber Economic Scorecard Dashboard, and it remains one of our strongest client examples for a few key reasons.

The first is the layout and navigation aligns with the category of data, with the ability for users to jump to the section they are interested in. Targeting the message to your audience is key in effective communications and the Green Bay dashboard does this well.

Then there is the data and content of the dashboard itself, covering everything from industry to workforce to target industries and economic impact. As a scorecard, in the parlance of the chamber, it keeps a "finger on the pulse" of economic development in the region, much unlike a static report that quickly goes out of date and largely goes unread, in many cases.

The ability to communicate this kind of data effectively is crucial to successful economic growth. It can make all the difference in landing projects, receiving funding and creating needed policy changes.
- Kelly Armstrong, VP of Economic Development

The dashboard has helped the chamber with media, getting coverage in local news outlets seen by thousands of viewers and earning high rankings in Google searches. Quoted from the article:

This is a tool that will give us the data to determine if our overall strategy is working in driving results we seek. It will give us early detection of concerns and allow us to be more adaptive in our long-term strategy. It will help us attract the people, businesses and interest in our region to continue the strong growth we are currently experiencing.
- Troy Streckenbach, Brown County Executive

With the latest round of data updates complete, we thought we would post the dashboard again and give a big shoutout and thank you to the Greater Green Bay Chamber team!

Greater Green Bay Chamber Economic Development Scorecard

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