September 15, 2021, by Erik Larson

Workforce Data Roundup!

Data visualization during one of the worst labor shortages, ever.

Over the course of this year we have all seen the current labor shortage – what some could the "most severe worker shortages on record" – first-hand. Maybe it's waiting a half hour for your beer, which arrives flat, or maybe it's 45 minutes in line at the grocery store (ok, those are my own direct examples). But how about a job req you can't fill, if you're an employer; or maybe it's deciding your next career move after finally leaving a job that didn't fulfill you.

Whatever perspective you're coming from, there is pain to be felt for sure. And not a lot of certainty of when things will go "back to normal". If that's even an option anymore. One thing we can do, however, is understand the present reality through hard numbers. Going a step further, we can communicate this narrative to our stakeholders so they can be informed, if still disillusioned. Afterall, there is opportunity in this moment as well, and a data-driven approach is the ideal way to materialize that.

What we have for you below is a little roundup of data from workforce groups we work with around the country. Yeeehaaawwww!

How short are we?

This chart shows a regional breakdown of the top occupations by postings volume so you can easily see which careers are in highest demand currently and what the shortage or surplus really is.

What are they payin'?

You can show local variations in advertised salaries (a practice that's becoming more and more common) and even provide trends over time.

What's in the pipeline?

People might be wondering, what are we doing to bring in more talent since our current supply is running thin. Tell 'em! This visual gives current graduates of local higher ed along with a 5-year trend right in the same view.


Yes, skills. Degrees are great but skills are what makes for a successful employer-employee fit. They are also more dynamic, especially now. So what are the top skills in demand compared to the pool of candidates?

The examples above all come from a forthcoming workforce client dashboard, so stayed tuned for that! Meantime, feel free to give us a holler if you want to talk workforce and data viz! And may we all find reserves of patience and understanding as we navigate uncharted territory :)

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