August 26, 2021, by Erik Larson

Client Spotlight: Technology Association of Oregon

Shining the light on diversity in the tech workforce...and more!

As some readers may know the Technology Association of Oregon was our first client. Under the leadership of Skip Newberry TAO has grown into one of the most influential organizations in the state, as the tech sector continues to dominate and companies add offices to the Portland metro and other Oregon markets. Change-maker Cara Turano joined the team in 2019 and TAO and the Oregon tech sector are soaring to greater and greater heights!

While the tech industry in Oregon has counted many successes an ongoing issue has been diversity in the industry. Adding to the challenge is the historical lack of data on the diversity of the tech sector. We've largely relied on macro indicators or individual company narratives to try and grasp the situation. And what isn't properly measured cannot really be improved.

So we are really excited to unveil the newest iteration of the Oregon Technology Industry Dashbaord! The full product will come out next week, but we wanted to offer a sneak preview of probably our favorite component, the Diversity in Tech Employment County Heatmap.

For each of the 37 counties in Oregon this heat map gives you:

  1. Total Diversity
  2. Race % breakdown
  3. Total Tech Employment
  4. Average Salary
  5. Cost of Living Index
  6. Annual Tech Job Openings

Despite the rural, small population counties that comprise most of Oregon, there is data for each one, dispelling a commonly held belief that either a) this data does not exist, and/or b) if it does exist it is only for larger population areas. Clearly a baseline of current data is needed before we can truly move the needle generating lasting equity in tech and other workforce sectors.

Diversity in Tech Employment County Heatmap

Stay tuned for the full TAO tech data dashboard next week. Cheers!

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