July 21, 2021, by Richard Pfister

New Client Example: Lee County, Iowa

Plus the 4-county Southeast Iowa region

At the nexus of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri sits Lee County, a place where manufacturing jobs more than double government employment (a rare inversion) and the fastest growing sector is Management of Companies and Enterprises.

These kinds of economic highlights would be a buried headline if the Lee County Economic Development Group didn't get in front of the narrative with a data story all their own. We are proud to be partnered with the Lee County team to bring engaging, visual data to their business attraction and expansion services.

Because the business and workforce footprint doesn't follow county lines, the Lee County EDG added a regional, 4-county dashboard to the quiver as well, giving their partners a great set of data to boost the region.

And don't miss the housing and quality of life section of the dashboard, comparing 9 different local communities within the county!

Lee County and Southeast Iowa Dashboard

Use the dropdown menu in upper left to navigate from Lee County to SE Iowa data

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