July 19, 2021, by Richard Pfister

New Client Example: CareerSource North Central Florida

Labor Market and Workforce Development Board Performance Dashboards

Staff and leadership at CareerSource North Central Florida had their fill of data pulling. And formatting. A cyclical process, data collection and ad hoc reporting were basically accepted as a given.

While we can't automate everything when it comes to data, we can certainly automate the most used/useful parts of it. And that's exactly what eIMPACT partnered with CareerSource NCFL to do: automate the labor market and organizational performance data they use everyday. And while we were at it, we turned the raw data into a visual narrative, adding additional value to the data that helps tell a story beyond what rows and columns can do.

We've developed two separate dashboards with CareerSource, each embedded below:

  1. Labor Market Information
  2. Workforce Development Board Performance

The Dashboards:

Use the dropdown menu in upper left to navigate from Labor Market to WDB Performance data

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