July 6, 2021, by Richard Pfister

Nebraska Chamber Launches Economic and Workforce Dashboard

A data narrative driven by quality of life, in-migration and strength in workforce

With the U.S. labor participation rate at a nearly 50-year historic low, Nebraska has a refreshingly different story to tell. We made one chart to highlight it:

While employers around the country clamber for talent by offering sign-on bonuses, Nebraska's labor market is already at work. So it is timely that the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce went live this week with their new Workforce and Economic Dashboard!
Beyond the labor market the Chamber's new dashboard features numerous data points to intrigue companies nationwide, including:
1. Quality of Life
2. Migration
3. Consumer Spending
4. Job Postings
5. The rest you have to check out for yourself.

Let me now step out of the way and let the dashboard speak for itself! It has been an amazing collaboration with the Nebraska Chamber team – thank you!

The Nebraska Economic and Workforce Dashboard

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