June 15, 2021, by Richard Pfister

Worksystems Labor Market Dashboard

From Labor Force to Regional Skills to Youth

In April of 2020 the U.S. labor participation rate hit 60.2%, the lowest rate since 1973 (see the data for yourself at St. Louis FRED). A little over a year later the rate hovers around 61%.

Employers are feeling the pinch and are competing for talent with rising wages.

Workforce development assistance is needed, now more than ever, to help displaced workers connect to the new skills and opportunities they need to make their next career move. To give this assistance, data is key. Employers need it to understand the labor market, jobseekers need it to understand their own skills gap, and policymakers need it to help set the course.

We were honored to partner with Worksystems, Inc. to help them leverage data visualization to tell the workforce story across a wide range of stakeholders. Worksystems is a leader in workforce development, earning accolades at the local and national level.

The Labor Market Information section of Worksystem's website is populated with dashboards from eIMPACT across a range of topics including labor force, regional skills and youth.

You can navigate to each topic area of the dashboards using the dropdown menu in the upper left:

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