May 26, 2021, by Richard Pfister

Columbus 2025 Scorecard Dashboard

Interactive dashboard supports the Columbus 2025 plan

With the guiding principles of increasing prosperity, improving quality of life and reducing poverty, the Columbus 2025 plan is more important than ever. As an innovator and leader in the business community, the Columbus 2025 sought to expand upon its original, PDF format scorecard of years prior with an interactive dashboard.

One of the key challenges we faced in partnering on the scorecard dashboard was compressing a large volume of data indicators into a single, cohesive page that doesn't scroll endlessly.

To achieve this, we deployed our expand/collapse widget throughout the dashboard allowing users to pick their own adventure in data.

The dashboard is used in a variety of ways, from presentations to social media. Built-in viewer analytics allow you to measure engagement with the scorecard, something a PDF can't do.

You can check out the full dashboard right here – scroll through to explore it all!

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