April 22, 2021, by Richard Pfister

New Client Example - Douglas County, OR Data Profile

Workforce, Housing Demand, Short-term Rentals, Small Business Recovery and more!

Bisected by a river that winds for 111 miles from the southern Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, the Umpqua Valley is known for its legendary outdoor recreation, its award-winning wineries, and sophisticated, locally sourced cuisine. Anchoring the region, Roseburg, with its walkable and historic downtown, is the area’s cultural and commercial heart.

This is how the Douglas County, Oregon narrative begins on its recently-launched data profile dashboard. And the dashboard launch is timely: the allure of beautiful, spacious natural places like Douglas County is building to a crescendo these days, as the nation begins to reorder itself following the economic and life disruption of the pandemic.

Douglas County is not alone; remote working positions are on the rise across the country, enabling thousands to realistically consider leaving traditional labor markets for the call of country living. But striking this balance of attracting new residents and employers while managing through a recession and historically tight housing market is no easy task.

That's why the executive director of the Umpqua Economic Development Partnership in Douglas County, Wayne Patterson, turned to eIMPACT to bring data to bear on the subject. And not just the data, visual, interactive data that can help the Umpqua EDP tell its story to a broad audience.

Check out the list of data topics covered in the dashboard:

  1. Demographics
  2. Industry and Workforce
  3. Job Postings
  4. Small Business Recovery
  5. Housing and Short-term Rentals
  6. In-migration

We've recently begun offering data on short-term rentals to our clients after we heard multiple requests for this type of information. Housing markets are tight in many areas, in no small part due to short-term rentals like Airbnb and Vrbo. The data in the dashboard are aggregated from both sites.

The Douglas County Data Profile Dashboard - Scroll Frame to View

With funding on its way to help local communities come back from the significant effects of the pandemic, it has never been more important to have the data necessary to tell your story.

Our process for building these data stories for clients is a fully managed, turn-key service with an average time to completion of under 3 weeks. We know you are busy, which is why many of our clients think of eIMPACT as a mini "data extension of the team."

Questions on creating a dashboard for your community? Click below to schedule a call with one of our data experts.