April 16, 2021, by Erik Larson

A Tale of Two Recoveries – Or More?

Jobs Recovery In America In 3 Charts

We hear a lot about unemployment rate and jobs added (lost) each month, yet so much of the story is lost when numbers get aggregated up. This week we pulled some data from some of our newer sources we use to track economic recovery for clients, specifically Change in Employment data sourced from payroll processing systems such as Kronos, Paychex and Intuit.

Anecdotally (and it could be said we get a little too much information from this source) we know that workers at lower income brackets and/or in certain industries have been hit the hardest, but to what extent is this true? How is it trending in each case?

Below is the state of the job market in America as told through high-frequency data (that is, dynamic data not collected via census). We invite you to explore the data yourself!

U.S. Jobs Recovery in 3 Charts

For examples of how this looks at the local level and across a range of different datasets from dining data to job postings, check out these client examples: San Francisco, New York, Federal Way, and Capital District Region, NY.

If you are interested in exploring this for your community and/or specific industry, click the button below to schedule a time.