March 4, 2021, by Richard Pfister

New Client Feature - Capital District RPC

Regional dashboard makes economic recovery visual

We all want to see our community and its local businesses recover from the effects of the pandemic – now a year in the making. The Capital District Regional Planning Commission in New York has done just that with its new Regional Recovery Economic Dashboard.

There are many things about this new client dashboard that we're excited about but topping the list for us is the migration data from USPS. We've heard rumor of this data being available for some time, but CDRPC is our first client to obtain the data via FOIA request.

Here is the visual showing migration overtime to the 4 counties in the CDRPC region from NYC boroughs:

A comprehesive recovery data compilation, the CDRPC regional dashboard breaks this down into 4 sections:

  1. Jobs & Unemployment: industry breakdown, labor participation, postings and unemployment trends
  2. Regional Mobility: flights, cargo, traffic corridors, transit ridership
  3. Small Businesses: change in businesses open, change in revenue, consumer spending
  4. Migration: address changes from NYC boroughs to Capital Region counties

Viewers can navigate to 4 county dashboards from the region totals, giving local partners the data they need to communicate with stakeholders.

The CDRPC Regional Economic Recovery Dashboard

You can see the dashboard embedded on the CDRPC website here. As always please get in touch if we can help you tell your local story.

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