February 17, 2021, by Richard Pfister

Recovery Dashboard Roundup!

From New York to the Puget Sound and places in between

As we saw with the last recession economic recovery looks different depending on where you are, what industry you're in, and previous economic conditions. It's a varied world – even moreso today with states adopting different covid measures and restrictions.

Take New York City, for example. They got restaurants partially reopened for Valentine's Day! And data on seated diners from OpenTable tells the story:

View the full NYC Indicators of Progress dashboard here

Drive three hours northwest to Broome County, NY and you can see the disparity in employment recovery laid bare by the data. Here you can clearly see how high wage earners have rebounded and then some, while the lower bracket earners are still struggling:

But that's not the full scoop on Broome County's economy!
View the full Broome County, NY dashboard here

Moving west – all the way to the midwest to the State of Minnesota, where the economy has consistently performed in the top 25th percentile for unemployment among all 50 states, you can visually track that narrative by county:

View the full Minnesota Economic Recovery dashboard here

Hop Amtrak's Empire Builder line and you'll eventually find yourself in the Greater Seattle Area, following the coastline south until you hit Federal Way, WA. Here that varied story of recovery by industry sector can be seen partially through job postings data. Construction, up! Health care, down:

See the full scoop on Federal Way Recovery here

We've got several new examples coming soon including a certain California economic powerhouse, a collection of counties in New York and a rural county in northern Washington. We'll keep the new data flowing. It's what we do :)

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