December 2, 2020, by Erik Larson

Southern Virginia Regional Alliance Launches Recovery Dashboard

How has the regional economy fared in the covid pandemic?

The labor market, public health and economic prospects of its collection of communities in the region – these are the top concerns the Southern Virginia Regional Alliance needed to track and publish for its stakeholders. But how does an organization develop a robust collection of metrics, published in a visual format and updated monthly given everything on its plate?

eIMPACT was created in part to be a mini "extension of the team" when it comes to data storytelling. Increasingly, narratives centered on data are essential to influencing public policy and more.

We think the SVRA recovery data dashboard speaks for itself in this regard. The SVRA team had a great vision for the breadth of data they knew they needed to tell a covid impact and recovery story. Our job at eIMPACT was to listen and get to work delivering a fully customized dashboard to help make their vision a reality.

You can check out the dashboard right here – scroll through to explore it all!

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