November 23, 2020, by Erik Larson

Networks Northwest Launches Regional Prosperity Dashboard

Year-over-Year Trends of Demographics, Housing, Wellness and the Economy

Talent. Business. Community. These are the three pillars of Networks Northwest's regional development strategy. Important topics, to be sure, yet after creating a strategic plan to deliver on these core areas how does an organization answer the ongoing questions of how are we doing and is it getting better or worse?

The team at Networks Northwest is known for being innovative. When they came to eIMPACT to redo their old regional data indicators site, we were put to the challenge of creating a new dashboard that would combine simplicity and interactivity.

To provide interactivity each indicator is exandable, like this net migration example from the dashboard (click to view):

Data visualizations that would otherwise require scrolling can be expanded/collapsed, such as this industry growth chart:

To keep things interesting there are a variety of visuals, including this range plot:

The dashboard is embedded seamlessly into their website, with styling to match their organization's brand guide.

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