September 14, 2020, by Erik Larson

What does New York City's recovery look like today?

Manhattan Chamber's recovery dashboard gives stakeholders weekly insights

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New York City was the epicenter of the covid outbreak here in the U.S., leaving restaurants, retail and entertainment industry businesses in peril, many of them now closed or hanging on by the thinnest of margins. Today the city is almost two months into Phase 4 reopening and by the end of the month will allow indoor dining to resume (with restrictions) for the first time since March.

So how are things going?

This is the question on many people's minds, not only in NYC, but in communities all over the country. The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce saw a gaping information void on the City's economic recovery and decided to fill it in order to inform businesses, policy makers and the public at large.

Below are a few views into NYC's recovery. The resiliency of the city on display through the numbers, we see a city fighting for its future like it has done many times before.

Data Narratives of Economic Recovery

1. Diners: as mentioned above, indoor dining will soon be available to New Yorkers at the end of the month. Here is how the dining industry looks right now with only outdoor seating, compared to a pre-covid baseline.

2. Foot Traffic: gyms and hotels got a shot in the arm over the past week (wait – didn't mean to make a vaccine reference there – sheesh!) while restaurants and retail enjoyed an equal boost between them (new shoes and lunch on the patio, anyone?).
3. Public Transit: last but not least public transit is fighting and clawing its way upward, including the subway!

So does this all mean that consumer confidence is coming back too? Questions remain on key sectors, including our beloved restaurants. Come September 30th we will begin to see through the numbers just how comfortable New Yorkers are themselves. Stay tuned!

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