July 23, 2020, by Richard Pfister

Emsi and eIMPACT Partner to Help Communities Tell Their Story Through Data

Leaders in labor market analytics and data dashboards seek to help economic development organizations, chambers, and associations unlock the power of economic dashboards for better decision making.

Richard Pfister

Cara Christopher


MOSCOW, Idaho (July 21, 2020) Emsi and eIMPACT have teamed up to help more communities tell their unique stories through visually engaging and highly customizable dashboards. While the use of data has become ubiquitous, revealing the story and insights behind the numbers remains a time consuming challenge for many economic development organizations and communities. eIMPACT and Emsi aim to solve this problem by providing better and more compelling data visualizations.

For economic developers, the ability to communicate data effectively can mean the difference in landing a recruitment project, receiving funding for a new initiative, or succeeding in a much needed policy change. Furthermore, Covid-19 and the ensuing economic crisis has underscored the desire for communities to articulate their unique challenges and opportunities as they develop recovery plans.

"eIMPACT presents economic development organizations and communities with a strong framework to visualize their data and track their performance to meet accountable and objective goals. Now economic development strategic planning can move from paper to the more dynamic and interactive eIMPACT platform using Emsi's advanced labor market information,” said Dustin Lester, Emsi’s vice president of consulting for community insights.

"When it comes to labor market data and analytics, Emsi is the gold standard. This partnership opens up a tremendous new opportunity to provide next generation data dashboards that help drive business retention and expansion, recruitment, and job creation. We are honored to be linking up with Emsi in this shared vision of supporting local communities and their economic prosperity," said Erik Larson, eIMPACT's CEO.

Emsi, a leading labor market analytics firm, uses data to drive economic prosperity by providing the best labor market data available to professionals in higher education, economic development, workforce development, talent acquisition, and site selection. Emsi data is compiled from a wide variety of government sources, job postings, and online profiles and résumés. For more than 20 years, its team of economists and data scientists have been conducting expert analysis of this data, creating software, tools, and strategies for clients around the world. The Community Insights team is focused on serving economic and workforce development clients.

eIMPACT is the leading provider of data dashboards for economic development organizations, chambers, and industry associations nationwide. A combination of software and expert data services, eIMPACT is unique in its ability to deliver a fully customized solution for each client.

The partnership allows eIMPACT to leverage Emsi’s reservoir of labor market information and job posting data as they build customizable dashboards for clients across the country.

"We are thrilled to bring the power of Emsi's data to our clients so they can communicate critical labor and job market insights and drive economic development. The state of our workforce is obviously a top of mind concern right now. Organizations we talk to everyday, small and large, feel the urgency to have timely data that they can communicate effectively to a wide audience," said Larson.

“We’re incredibly excited to join forces with eIMPACT and help provide communities with valuable decision making tools. Data can be overwhelming, but our goal at Emsi is to make it accessible and usable for economic developers. This partnership will do just that,” added Lester.

The partnership has hit the ground running, with Emsi job posting and occupation salary data supporting the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce’s economic recovery dashboard. By combining labor market and job posting information with data such as foot traffic and seated diner counts, eIMPACT provides a comprehensive and real-time visual of the city’s situation. This visual helps community leaders make better, data-driven decisions.

"It couldn't be more ideal to start our partnership with Emsi by serving the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce with an economic recovery data dashboard for New York City. While the nation's largest city begins to reopen, we will be working with communities of all sizes and locations to help them take this sort of data-driven approach," Larson added.
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