May 26, 2020, by Erik Larson

New Client Example: Hearne, TX

What Makes Hearne Work

With a population of 4,500 the City of Hearne, TX is one in a long list of small- to mid-size Texas communities. It would be easy for Hearne to get overlooked by site selectors and prospective businesses.

But Hearne is more than an item in a list; Hearne is strategically-located city with access to a sizable labor pool 20 minutes away, historic charm, shovel-ready sites and affordable living. In short, a great location to re-site a business or expand operations.

The challenge for a community like Hearne is how to tell the story. Without a concise narrative to intrigue business prospects it is all but certain that the Hearne story would remain a best-kept-secret.

This is where eIMPACT came in. Partnering with an economic development consultant eIMPACT delivered a tight data narrative in dashboard format that the city was able to embed directly into their website and use in its engagement and outreach. We did this all in under two weeks.

Key data used in the dashboard include:

  1. Traffic counts
  2. Wages and workforce
  3. Cost of living/housing
  4. Cluster location quotients
  5. Sector breakdowns
  6. Demographics and diversity

Hearne, TX - What Makes Hearne Work

Scroll the frame to see the full dashboard

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