March 2, 2020, by Erik Larson

Kansas Chamber - Moving The Needle

How the Kansas Chamber used simple, visual data to show how the state is moving forward.

Kansas is in global combat for jobs and talent. New technologies are creating new economies. To provide a robust future for our State, we must harness the pioneer and competitive spirit that propelled Kansas to the forefront of our Nation more than a century and a half ago and kept us there for decades.
~ Kansas Chamber Vision 2025

There are certain stories that can't be told with sweeping statements and talking points. Sometimes more is needed to back up the case, a robust dataset for example. But data can work both for and against you – especially when the subject matter is complex, as with the economy.

The Kansas Chamber built off its routine use of data in presentations and position papers by telling its economic narrative with visual, simple data dashboards. Coupled with the other content on the Vision 2025 site these dashboards drive home the four pillars of the big picture narrative:

  1. GROW talent supply · link to dashboard
  2. ADVANCE competitiveness · link to dashboard
  3. EXPAND innovation and entrepreneurship · link to dashboard
  4. IMPROVE business infrastructure · link to dashboard

One Interesting Data Visualization From Each Section

  1. GROW talent supply: if you want grow your talent supply it helps to know where talent is migrating. Using data from LinkedIn and other sources we mapped graduates from Kansas institutions to see where they live and work across the U.S.
    Kansas Talent Migration Map
  2. ADVANCE competitiveness: business cost data, displayed via heat map, can really make certain areas stand out and others fade into the background.
    U.S. Business Cost Map
  3. EXPAND innovation: R&D drives innovation and this chart clearly shows the widening gap that needs to be closed to shore up the innovation economy.

  4. IMPROVE business infrastructure: infrastructure rankings may be complicated calculus on the backend but the takeaways are hard to miss.

    For a brief case study on Kansas Chamber's partnership with eIMPACT, click here.

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