January 9, 2020, by Erik Larson

New Client Launch - Kansas Chamber

Chamber uses data to harness its pioneering spirit

Competition for jobs and workforce talent has never been more fierce. This is especially true in many midwestern and other non-coastal states, where net migration in many communities is negative.

At the same time it has never been a better time to grow innovation economies in places other than Silicon Valley or Seattle. Local talent is demonstrating a strong preference to create opportunity locally, instead of defaulting to moving to either coast or larger cities.

This is all to say there is opportunity where we may have recently experienced loss, and it is also a good time to invest resources in future-forward industries.

Rarely have we worked with a client with the boldness of the Kansas Chamber, the primary advocate for business in the state. They articulated to us a vision for using heaps of data – transparently – to show exactly where they are succeeding and lagging. On the backs of this data is a strategy to rally policy, economic and workforce development to move the state economy forward.

We are proud to count the Kansas Chamber as a client, and couldn't wait for their data site to go live as part of their Vision 2025 program.

To visit the Vision 2025 data dashboard, click here, or scroll the frame below.

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