October 9, 2019, by Erik Larson

New and Interesting Data Sources

Some cool stuff we've added plus some faves from the data roster

Within the span of a first conversation with an organization we almost always get asked what kinds of data eIMPACT provides. You don't want to just go on and on as though reading off a menu, so this response has gotten challenging as our spectrum of data broadens.

Many companies collect and provide access to data. That is not the business eIMPACT is in. Instead, we convene different sources of data, both public and private, and help bring it all together in a cohesive story for our clients.

Part of doing this work means responding to client needs through new and novel sources of data (new to us, at least, and there's always room for growth). Below are just a few examples we thought you'd find intriguing.

1. Talent Migration

The dreaded brain drain effect – but how bad are you really doing? Many regions know they are loosing new talent through anecdotal evidence. What if you could capture this in a simple visualization of current data?

Here's a recent example of mapping the migration of STEM graduate talent from one city. You can zoom in an out and hover over for specific detail.

2. Supply and Demand of Workforce

Data relating to a local labor market and economy is not very reliable when sourced via standard macro sources. Larger markets have it much better than smaller markets to be sure. This reality pushed us to source new ways to analyze supply and demand of labor force for specific occupation sets.

*Here is an example

3. Uggh...updates: reports go stale almost immediately

Data updates to your reports frquently take the back seat to other more urgent activities. With the right dashboard solution you can automate these tedious updates and focus your time on higher value priorities.

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Here is an example of occupations within the robotics/advanced manufacturing sector in a multi-county region.

3. Psychographics

We wish we could use this data more because the categories are so fun (Golden Year Guardians, Significant Singles). This type of data helps to really break down consumer segments and profiles based on a composite model by Experian. It's pretty cool stuff for those looking at their retail market.

* We love talking about this stuff, so please feel free to reach out to us with any ideas you've been mulling over.

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