September 8, 2019, by Erik Larson

A (Data) Extension of Your Team

When data projects arise you can't always solve the problem with staff.

Many if not most organizations we speak with struggle with some aspect of using data to tell their story. Whether for policy advocacy, business/member recruitment or workforce development.

The nature of the particular challenges vary from sourcing and analyzing data, to formatting data in a professional, web-friendly fashion. For this reason, we tend to think of eImpact as a data extension to our client's team. We specialize in the every missing component to make you successful.

This recent quote summarizes a common challenge with using data to its fullest potential:

We paid a pretty large fee for a popular data tool but didn't use it to anywhere its full capability. We struggled to finish the project because of our interrupt-driven weekly schedule and lack of staff time. In the end, who has the time and expertise to learn to use these complicated data tools?

Below are a couple client examples where eImpact helped deliver critical data and reports on a tight schedule.

A few example data projects performed by eImpact

  1. Attracting A Skilled Workforce
    With some good momentum going in the advanced manufacturing and robotics industries, the Reno-Tahoe region needed to grow a specialized workforce to keep pace. Knowing their audience would be discerning and on the younger end of the spectrum, the Reno-Tahoe taem realized the right data and presentation would be needed to tell the story and attract new workers to the area.

    Click the image below to view full data site.

  2. Understanding Housing Affordability
    How can you create effective policy without understanding the issue based on real data? This was the question our client asked themselves before turning to us for help running the numbers. By providing stakeholders with a picture of the current affordability landscape, they were able to help move the issue forward towards a policy solution.

    This summary chart shows the number of housing units residents could afford based on their earning bracket.

  3. Forecasting Potential Futures
    Shy of a crystal ball, how can we understand what potential future scenarios mean for job creation and wages? At eImpact, we regularly prepare forecast analysis for our clients looking at scenarios including high growth, interest rate shock and recession.

    This chart shows the potential effect on job creation looking at different economic scenarios.

At eImpact, we live for stuff like this. When your team is tapped or that new data analyst isn't yet hired, we can perform analyses like these for you – with fast turnaround and highly responsive support.

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