August 13, 2019, by Erik Larson

Three Cities and Their Data Sites

Three examples, three different approaches

Everyone has a different angle when it comes to data. That's what makes our job so much fun here at eIMPACT – the opportunity be part of a creative process that's a little different each time.

We hear from folks a lot who have concern around where and how to use data to tell their story. Afterall, poorly curated information can work against you, while transparency is the expectation. These two things may seem at odds with one another, but we share a different view.

A good data site is thoughtful in which data are used, while boldly honest at the same time. Here's just a few examples we hope are good summer reading for you :)

3 City Data Sites

  1. Sandy, Utah

    What's cool: the team in Sandy needed to quantify businesses in specific city districts (RDAs, etc) and keep a pulse on the city overall as well, which is growing rapidly. Here it is all in one place.
    Design considerations: the City chose to go with a narrow format, almost like an iPad version of the dashboard. Which is awesome because the majority of web traffic can be coming from mobile these days!

    Click the image to visit the site

  2. Arvada, Colorado

    What's cool: simplicity. That's always cool. Links at bottom to full report dashboards that are also simple, with enough to intrigue and inform without going overboard.
    Design considerations: a lot of use of eIMPACT's custom branding and layout settings, and a great web team that made a seamless user experience on the site overall.

    Click the image to visit the site

  3. Reno-Tahoe MSA

    What's cool: I wanted to move there after seeing our team's final version of the report (which is the intended goal of the report!)
    Design considerations: just enough but not too much; data that are effective in telling a great workforce narrative; cool colors :)

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At eIMPACT, we live for stuff like this.

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