July 15, 2019, by Erik Larson

Data To Market Your Catalyst Project

Generate interest with the right data and polish.

Catalyst projects are a popular and proven way to – err – catalyze development, job creation and investment in an area. But how do you catalyze the catalyst?

Apologies for the play on words there, but we run into many economic development groups thinking through how to effectively market their project(s). In today's data-saturated world it is essential to provide the numbers that matter.

Going from the right raw data inputs to a polished end product is no small task, however. That's why a growing number of organizations have leaned on eIMPACT to provide these reports so they can focus on engaging businesses, developers and investors.

Here's a few of the primary elements we have focused on for our clients.

Catalyst Project Reports: Key Data Inputs

1. MARKET OPPORTUNITY: the untapped potential

We help you pull accurate and up-to-date data for specific areas or districts of your city. Because the raw data isn't conveniently sourced for these small areas, eIMPACT has built-in analysis to create robust estimates, including drive-time area surrounding the project. We provide links direct to our sources so your audience will have confidence in the numbers.

2. RELEVANT DEMOGRAPHICS: tailored community profile

Depending on the project type, your audience will need different demographic information. This is a must-have, and includes inputs such as consumer segments, percent millenials, median age, median income, top local industries, among many other potential data points.

3. ACCESS and INFRASTRUCTURE: enabling physical attributes

Top level, does the area support the commute patterns or walkability that the development may require? Once again, we are looking for enough information to generate good next-level questions – the real indicator of interest!

A Live Example

Check out this example to get a feel for how eImpact delivers dynamic data "teasers". Scroll the frame to view the whole report.

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