June 10, 2019, by Erik Larson

Featured Client: Networks Northwest

Michigan-based RDO uses eIMPACT to publish a truly impressive amount of data.

We have been working with Networks Northwest for nearly two years now, and it has been a growth and learning experience for us here at eIMPACT. As a regional development organization, Networks Northwest stewards three key pillars in northwest Michigan: talent, business and community.

As part of its work, Networks Northwest needs to publish data across all of these pillar categories, for ten counties – and keep it all current. This is a big workload, and used to require a full-time staff person. With eIMPACT Networks Northwest has been able to streamline significant parts of this, reducing their time investment.

We are proud to have Networks Northwest as a client and partner who pushes us to be better at what we do. When their new data site recently launched, we were happy they would allow us to share their good work, which we hope you find interesting!

Networks Northwest Regional Data Site

The site is spearheaded by a Prosperity Dashboard, which features key indicators that the organization regularly tracks, from employment, to educational attainment to industry:

Click the image to go to the dashboard site.

There is also a separate dashboard for each of the ten counties in the region, complete with comparisons of each county compared to its peers in the region:

Click the image to go to the dashboard site.

Lastly Networks Northwest publishes detailed data dashboards for sixteen additional indicators, which dive deeper into the respective category for all ten counties:

Click the image to go to the dashboard site.

Whew! That's a lot of data all in one place. Depending on the audience coming to the Networks Northwest website, they are pretty likely to find what they need. We hope you've enjoyed this client example, and that it inspires new ideas and approaches in your own work.

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