March 4, 2019, by Erik Larson

How Our Breadth of Data Has Grown

As our clients push us to grow, improve and expand, so grows our data

We are probably guilty of running too hard here at eImpact to stop and take stock, let alone to keep our friends and partners up to date :)

This post is a little mini-inventory of interesting and notable additions to our data and analysis offerings over the past 12 months. We should have done this sooner; only in putting it together did I realize how quickly things evolve in this ever-growing world of using data to impact and influence.

I hope you find it interesting, and as always welcome your comments, feedback and ideas. If you are so inclined, drop me a line here – I'd love to hear from you!

New and Interesting Data and Use Cases

  1. Housing Affordability Index
    This seems to be a big subject wherever go, and not just larger cities either. To have conversations around housing policy and planning for the future, our client found it necessary to create a picture of affordability that a broad set of stakeholders could relate to. A simple picture. Which anyone can tell you is much more challenging to create than a complicated one. This index combines income data with housing stock data to create a snaphsot of local affordability.

The eImpact Housing Affordability Index

  1. The Innovation Economy (click image to view report)
    Everybody wants more high-growth industries and the jobs they create. But how do you measure this to begin to understand where you are today? Is it investment, research and development, patents, tech jobs? Or maybe all of the above.

The Arizona Tech Economy Report by eImpact

  1. Commercial Real Estate and Sites (click image to learn more)
    The internet and the era of big data have transformed most industries, yet commercial real estate has been a tougher nut to crack. Long-standing purveyors of data are hanging on to out-dated business models characterized by strict data sharing terms, pay-to-play transactions and overall propriety. Well that is all changing now, too!

Commercial Listing Search Portal

  1. Health Data by Legislative District
    As the healthcare debate rages, measuring impact and service levels in different geographies is essential. Who is seeking coverage under medicaid based on different demographics and ages? If you are doing advocacy in different districts around the state, having this all quantified by district is more than a little handy – it lets you speak to real information about real constituents.

Healthcare Data Across State Legislative Districts (scroll frame to view full dashboard)

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